And God said, “Let there be light…”

How beautiful! God said, “Let there be light and there was light. Only His word is enough.

Whenever we go through hardships, life seems to be tough and throws challenges at us we get scared, we worry, we get tensed. This is when we have to remember God’s word. His word is above all.

He is the God that heals us. He cares for us, He loves. Our heavenly Father is a loving Father. He loves us so much that will always do the best for us.

There is nothing that is impossible with God, nothing that is too hard for him. Just trust in Him.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

Whenever we are surrounded by darkness, God’s puts His light on us and gets us out of that darkness. Only His word is enough. In our dark situations God says, “Let there be light.” And there is light. He takes the darkness away from our eyes forever and heals them completely. Our loving Father loves us so much that he heals us and makes us completely alright.

A God who is so wonderful, so lovingly, so caring. He will never let us down. He will carry us through it all. His love is unconditional and he always forgives us.

For all that the Lord has done for us we should thank Him, praise Him and glorify His name. All Praise, Glory and Honour to God alone. 🙏

Thank you Abba Father.

Thank you Jesus- My friend and Lord.

Thank you Mother Mary- My Mumma.

Say NO to anger!

Are you also trying to get rid of your anger? Are you trying to keep it under control? Then what is it that’s stopping you?

Anger is a very common emotion faced by most of us. But how much do we do to control it? Do we put in enough effort to get rid of our bad temper issues? How often do we sit and think how much damage can be done when you do something in anger?

Think, think. Pause for a while & think of the times you’ve got very very angry on someone or a certain situation. Reflect upon how you reacted when you were angry. And think of what better you could have done instead of reacting the way you did. When you pounder over the situation, you will actually realise that it could be dealt with in a better way than getting angry and messing up.

Out of all the emotions we have, anger is the worst enemy of humans. It destroys. It kills. It breaks.

Every word that comes out of our mouth at the time of anger, is the word we will regret later. Anger is an emotion we snatch up to avoid less comfortable feelings like fear, sadness, confusion and so on.

If you’ve had a bad day at work, you come and remove the anger at home__ on your parents, your children, your spouse. That’s because you need to vent out that anger which is filled within you.

But have you ever thought how much it hurts your people at home when you un-necessarily yell at them or fight with them just because you had a bad day in office? How much they want to speak lovingly to you, but cannot.. because you get mad at them all the time for every little thing.

You will fail in relationships, you will lose friends, people you love will go away from you. You will be surrounded by so much negativity that you will not know how to get out of it.

This is where you need to realise that you have anger issues and that you should learn to control it.

Keep office problems at office. Do not bring them home. I repeat – DO NOT BRING OFFICE PROBLEMS AT HOME.

You can learn to control your anger if you start meditating regularly. You can also read books on Anger Management, watch videos where they help you tackle with anger issues. Speak to someone you confide in. If you believe in God or any higher power, pray to them to help you out.

Most of all Believe in yourself. Believe that you can overcome your anger and win this battle.

Look how beautiful life will be if we only know how to react and when to react, keeping our anger in control.

Hey you, worry less… It will all be okay!

Hey you! Yes, you… Relax. It is all going to be just fine. You’ll be alright. You’ll be happy. You’ll achieve your goals. Your crush will text you back. All you need to do is just sit back and relax and not worry about it.

The universe wants you to be happy. The divine power up there wants to help you out. It wants to reach out to you. It wants to tell you that it will all be fine and that you don’t need to worry.

Will worrying take away your problems? Will overthinking ease your burdens? No! It won’t! In fact it will just destroy you, and who you are. It will pull away yourself from you. It will swallow you like a python swallows it’s prey.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. Now, you may ask what the reason is. If you get your answer, great. If you don’t get it, don’t worry, the divine power up there knows exactly what you want and when it should reach you. You don’t need to stress about it.

Just believe that someone up there wants to help you. But you need to believe in yourself, you need discover yourself, you need to trust and know that it will all be okay.

Everyone we know has some problem or the other. Just as someone rightly said, ‘if we all put our problems on a table to exchange them, each one would end up picking their own.’

You may have heard people saying be positive, think positive, do good things, be kind and so on. This can only happen if we learn to keep our minds calm and worry less.

Once you master the art of keeping calm, being postive and believing in yourself, you will see how much easier it is to handle your problems and how much the universe helps you through it.

So, worry less and be happy! 😇

Welcome Monsoon!

With some strong winds came the lightening and thunder followed by heavy showers.

The city finally breathed a sigh of relief as the rains beat the heat. A cool climate is what we Mumbaikars have been long waiting for. And finally it is here.

In the past couple of weeks, I saw a number of birds dying. That’s when I realised that these birds probably died due to excessive heat and lack of water. I couldn’t wait for the rains as the heat was causing much trouble to the birds in the city.

I really wanted to do something to save these birds and that’s when me, along with my building friends decided to take a step to save the birds in whatever little way we could.

We brought few small containers/bowls from our homes, filled them with enough water and placed them on each of the walls of our terrace. Whenever a thirsty bird came across them, they quenched their thirst there.

Now that the rains are finally here, it is a relief to us all. Hoping that we are blessed with just enough rain, not more, not less.

Visiting Marine Drive is a must for every Mumbaikar during the rains. The beautiful view of the city, the dark coulds gathered in the sky, the waves lashing to the shore, the cool breeze and the showers….. Wow! Perfectly relaxing and a wonderful feeling.

The rains bring immense joy and happiness to us all. Enjoy the rains and be safe.

Happy Monsoon!